The one extra degree

This is the first of a series of my posts on the key take ways from the recently concluded Project Management National Conference 2014 in Hyderabad, India. This is my interpretation of the concepts presented in the conference.

Every time in the gym, when I am lifting weights and I find the last 3 or 4 of the 20 repetitions to be the most toughest one. My muscles would be exhausted and the mind tells me to throw that dumbbell away. My instructor always tells me that it is these repetitions that are most valuable for the muscles to grow stronger, but  I couldn’t have cared less for that advice. All I wanted was to somehow finish the set, lest that is counted as an unsuccessful one.

This point, although in a different content, was driven straight into my heart, when Ricardo started off his speech with this interesting video of how the water does not boil even at 211 degree Fahrenheit. When it is further heated to 212 degree the water starts boiling an and the steam generated there can be used to drive even a steam engine. He made the point of how that one extra degree made all the difference in the end.  He then beautifully linked this how we can make a difference in what we do by focussing on that one last mile.

It was a simple yet a very powerful message.

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