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Zinda Ho Tum

Life is full of ups and downs. Especially when it is an off day, and you are grappling to come to terms with challenges, difficulties, barriers in front of you. This beautiful piece from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, is a wonderful listen.

Hitting Adversities for a Six – Prof. Hawking Way

I had heard about Prof. Stephen Hawking, knew he was a great “scientist”. I had also seen his appearances in American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. During one of my conversations with Prof Shaleel, we started discussing about Prof.Stephen Hawking. Read more…

Ted Talk, Monica Lewinsky

When the world seems to be up against you, how does one, stand his/her ground? When it seems that everything has come to a standstill how do you rev your engine up? What does it take to stand up for yourself and your dignity. Here’s Monica Lewinsky courageously telling the world, her side of the story.

The Goan Adventure

It was a pleasant afternoon, not too hot, not too cloudy. After about 40 minutes drive from Candolim, 8 of us (4 Adults and 4 kids, youngest was a 4 year old) reached the dock where the yacht that we Read more…

Jack Ma on Careers

How do I shape my career is probably the most common question, something that every youngster would have. In this video, Jack Ma, provides a great perspective to students on where the focus should be at different age group.

Getting the Best People, Getting the Best out of People

In January this year, probably for the first time in my life I watched 3 movies in a theater in 4 days –  Friday, Saturday and Monday! In all 3 movies as the end credits scrolled, one common thing that Read more…

Are you part of a professional community yet?

One of my uncle is a hardcore foodie. Once he overate this tasty snack of South India called “kodubale“. He developed severe gastritis and he had to be taken to a doctor. The doctor knew him and asked him in Read more…

Upgrade yourself the ILAS Way

Ever since my school days, I always found myself struggling in exams. Even after spending hours together on studying a topic, I ended up scoring average in my written exams. I had tried various methods to score well, but all Read more…

Why should you volunteer your skills to a start up?

Last weekend I met two of my friends, who are entrepreneurs and have their own start-ups. Each of them was in corporate jobs for over 10 years and has taken this leap in the last 2-3 years. We had good chat about their Read more…

The Storm from Yanni

An awe inspiring video. A textbook Team work lessons video. Big fan of this video and have used this video to inspire my team during various situations and give the motivation the required boost! A must watch.