IoT Based Smart Home

This startup is an IoT and Analytics based company. The main objective of this consulting assignment was to devise a ‘Go To Market Strategy’ for the Smart Home Product with a specific aim to generate 1,000 leads which will lead to selling of 100 units in next 3 months. During this our team also analysed and reviewed the Value Proposition of the product, performed basic secondary research and competition analysis of similar local and international products.

In the end, we delivered the following artifacts to the Customer.

# Deliverable Description
1 Persona Definition For the specific GTM goal of generating 1000 Leads, our team had to zero in on a specific persona so that we can make focused targetting. In that direction, we arrived at a person for the Smart Home product.
2 Solution Packages The solution offered many Smart home sensors ranging from Basic Smart Home Control to Safety Sensors, Security Sensors, CCTV Cameras and Home Multimedia Solutions. Our team proposed that we package it in a certain order in order to make the buying process easier for the customer. THis was also required to simplify the pricing and buying process for a prospective customer.
3 Pricing Simulator We provided a MS Excel based pricing simulator , so that the team in the client company can simulate various pricing scenarios depending on the Solution  Packages
4 Product Positioning Our team delivered a strong Product Positioning Statement for the client to target the B2C consumers
5 GTM Strategy Based on all the above parameters we proposed a GTM Strategy for the product. We specifically identifed a list of marketing campaigns that must be run
6 Recommendations Based on the above list we also suggested the recommended campaigns along with the costing of executing campaign cycles


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Photo by yann maignan on Unsplash